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Does waterproof jewelry exists?

The short answer is No, unless you wear a sold gold pieces.

Now you may ask “But I wear my stainless steel jewelry to shower and it looks great!”, “I want to take my jewelry to the sea, can I do it?”, “So brands are lying to us, by telling that gold plated jewelry is water resistant?” .

It calls for some explanation!

Waterproof vs. Water resistant jewelry

Let’s dive into the definition of these terms. Waterproof means that it’s impenetrable by water, no matter how much you spend in water, and what kind of water it is (sea, rain, or shower).

On the other hand, Water resistant means that object can resist water impact to some level, but not entirely.

Technically, solid gold is waterproof, you put it to water and it won’t get visibly affected. Although it will lose its shine overtime. But 24K gold isn’t used for jewelry making often as the metal is too soft.

And what about other karats? 10k, 14k and 18k gold will get tarnished, if not taken good care of.

“So NOW you are telling that I can’t put jewelry to water?!” - of course not :) It’s not so much about water, as about what is IN the water.


Water is harmless, but not every water is clean. You don’t have to be afraid of shower, or sea (occasionally).

Maybe you don’t need to always have your jewelry on when you visit public pool, with specifically high level of chlorine. As well as you don’t have to shine with your rings while cleaning your house, and having contact with chemicals like bleach and other. Best to leave your jewelry in safe place while you are doing chores.

Natural soaps and body cosmetic might be safe, however you never know all ingredients, and some of them might turn out dangerous even for solid gold items.

Also, try not to spay your perfume directly on your necklaces. It’s important to smell nice, but take care of jewels, ok? :)

Solid gold vs. Gold plated

It’s ok if you don’t own solid gold pieces, and not planning to invest into one! PVD gold plated jewelry is a great alternative, especially over 316L stainless steel, all our gold plated pieces falling into this group. (check out shop)

PVD gold plating is different from classic gold plated pieces, as it provides vacuum coating of gold that produces better functionality to the stainless steel base.

So the jewelry will hold good water resistant qualities, and will last if taken good care of!

In the end. Brands don’t lie to you by telling that jewelry is water resistant, it will withstand some level of water impact, and will stay shiny if you remember to take it off and, well, clean from time to time.

We are here to help you take care of your piece, find more jewelry tips in our other posts .

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