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Gold plated jewelry. Does it worth my money?

It is not a news that gold jewelry can be expensive and not affordable to everyone. And here comes gold plated jewelry.

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Gold plated jewelry is a budget-friendly option for all fashion lovers. It looks and shines almost like a real gold, but without that high price tag on it. It is an ideal choice if you want to create stylish look without breaking the budget.

Another benefit of gold plated pieces is its usability. We all love different designer pieces and unique forms of jewelry, however most of them are impossible to create using only pure gold.

Gold plating. What is it?

It is a process, when a thin layer of gold, usulally 14 or 18K applied over the base metal. The base metal usualy varies between silver and stainless steel.

Is gold plated jewelry fake? Does is worth to buy gold plated jewelry?

We can assure you, that in gold plated pieces, only the real gold is platted over the base jewelry. And it gives pieces that classy look for more attractive price. So when you buy your next gold plated jewelry piece, you can be certain that it covered with 75% pure gold.

Gold plated jewelry is deffinitely worth buying if you are a big fan of accessories, and want to follow up with trends. You can renew your collection more often and still be able to stay with the budget.

When the gold plated pieces are properly cared for, it is almost impossible to tell the differnce between the solid gold and gold plate pieces.

If your are making a choice to own a gold plated jewelry, we would recommend you to use these simple care instruction

-Even thought our pieces are waterproof, we highly recommend to remove it before swimming. Especially if you are going to swimming pool, the chlorine can create a chemical reaction to gold plated pieces.

-Clean your jewelry. We all love shiny pieces, so to keep your jewelry sparkle longer mix few drops of mild soap with warm water. Use dry soft cloth for drying it.

-Use microfiber cloth. It is always best to buff your jewelry with microfiber cloth. Overtime oil, water and sweat can make the jewelry less shiny, buffing your gold plated pieces can help minimize the damage.

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