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How to style your favourite necklaces?

“I have few favourite necklaces, but I struggle to put them together with my outfit, is there some way to create that effortless look with more than one necklaces?”

Jewelry is a great way to make even the most basic outfit look more stylish, especially if we are talking about necklaces. The options are unlimited: basic flat necklaces, boyfriend style chains, elegant necklaces with pendants and more. We’ve collected some basic advices that will help you to create that iconic clean looks.

1. Choose necklaces of different length

If you are planning to go for layered look, make sure to mix necklaces of different length. Starting from the shortest chocker or necklaces with length up to 35cm, to the longest necklace with length 52cm.

2. Minimalist necklace and elegant pendants for clean look

Your moto is: "less is more”? We’ve got a great news for you! Minimalist looks will never go out of style, and you can create that classy chick looks while wearing more than one jewellery piece.

Combine simple chocker or flat snake necklace together with elegant necklace with pendant. Remember to keep your necklaces different length - short minimalist necklace and longer necklace with pendant will make Your outfit will look effortless yet fashionable

3. Don’t be afraid to match different metals

Who said that you can’t put to one look different metal colours? That rule is long gone in the past, feel free to put together gold and silver. Play with length, add extra pieces like rings or earrings. Balance your look with equal amount of each colour, or make a statement and add one piece that will stand out.

4. The rule of three pieces

Even thought there’s no correct number of necklace to wear for layered look, it is advised to create look with three necklaces. After studying and creating different looks, we’ve come to the opinion that layered combinations created with odd numer off necklaces look the most trendy and stylish. However it’s important to keep in mind that all three pieces should be different lengths, and keep a nice balance of shapes and styles.

5. Freedom of creativity

All those advices above shouldn’t be taken as a strict rules of how to wear your jewellery. Don’t be afraid to close eyes on some “rules” feel free and create your unique look with your favourite necklaces.

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