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What Jewelry to wear for Christmas?

It’s time to prepare your outfits for all Christmas celebrations, family gatherings and parties with friends. Usually selecting jewelry to wear is a matter of finding pieces you like and matching them together. However when holidays come we want to add more sparkle to our look. The choices are unlimited, and while shopping can be fun, it gets challenging when it comes to put your jewelry together and match with your outfit.

If you are not a person, who is wearing sparkly outfits, jewelry is one of the best ways to add some glitter. Combine necklaces, add earrings, rings or bracelet - and your holiday look is ready.

But how to combine jewelry, to I not look like a Christmas tree?

1. Know your occasion.

The kind of event should be main factor in choosing your jewelry. Bright and massive pieces won’t be suitable to a holiday cocktail party. Style up your outfit with minimalist necklace, a pair of basic earrings and your favourite ring. Minimalist jewelry comes handful here, as it will add missing sparkle to your look, without making you go overboard.

If you are planning a family Christmas party, it’s alright to play with your jewelry. Your favourite necklaces will perfectly match your sweater, don’t be afraid to play with layers, add a pair of earrings, a couple of rings and your outfit is ready to go.

Hitting the club during holidays? Add sparkle to your dress with a touch of gold with classy necklace and basic hoops. You can style up your look by adding a couple of bracelets and your favourite ring.

2. Sometimes less is more.

Sure, we all want to make the best look, however it’s very easy to get carried away. Try to make each item as a central pieces, without overlaying. In the end, the main purpose of jewelry is to highlight your appearance, not to create a clutter look. Remember the good advice of taking off one piece before you’ll leave the house.

3. Keep Your style.

Your style - is your personality, so going for something extra sparkly, if you are a minimalist, may feel uncomfortable. You can avoid it by styling pieces you really love.

Don’t like layers and glimmer looks? Add minimalist pieces to your outfit, silver necklace and a pair of hoops with work nicely, and won’t take over your appearance.

Enjoying wearing layering necklaces nad rings stack? So you might enjoy doing the same with your Christmas outfit, combine together gold plated necklaces, statement earrings and your favourite rings.

In the end it is the season for having fun, so put on your favourite clothes, add accessories and enjoy your Christmas parties, whether it's fancy evening or a cozy family gathering.

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