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Why to choose stainless steel jewelry?

We know what you think about stainless steel jewelry. Isn’t it cheap and low quality? Yes, it is definitely affordable, but not low quality at all. Stainless steel is widely used for medical instruments, so it’s perfectly safe to wear. An exaple is 316L or 304 stainles steel, which we are using as main material for our pieces.

But why stainless steel is still the best? We put together other resons to help you make your choice.

  • It’s hypoallergenic. Yes, your skin will love it, as stainless steel is totaly safe for you, even if you have sensitive skin to some metals.

  • The color will maintain the same. Your stainless steel pieces will stay shiny for a long time. Even thought jewelry requires a simple care, it’s much easier to make it last in comparison with silver pieces.

  • You care about ecology. That’t right! Stainless steel is perfectly environmentally friendly, as manufacturers are using much less energy and non-renewable sources. The material produces lower waste lever during manufacturing, and 100% recyclable.

  • Affordable for everyone. We know that it can be expensive to get a trendy jewelry, therefore stainless steel is your top one choice. The jewelry will last a lifetime and gives you that desired fashion look. Also it’s good to have peace in mind, as you know that you won’t get robbed and loose an expensive piece.

  • Different designs for all genders. Everyone will like stainless steel jewelry because of its quality and timeless nature. Pieces made of stainless steel can be taken to any events, whether it’s a big celebration or regular working day. Thanks to its price you can find pieces in all styles.

To keep your stainless steel pieces shine longer, you can use this simple care instruction.

1. Soap and water. If you think that it’s time to clean your jewelry the best way to do it is by using warm, soapy water. Soak your jewelry in a bowl with mixture of warm water and liquid soap and let it for a few minutes. Next, clean it with soft cloth. If your piece has any engravings, use soft-bristled toothbrush that will help you to reach all places.

2. Avoid chemicals like bleach and chlorine, as they can damage material. Even thought all pieces are waterproof, we would recomend to take off jewelry before going to swimming pool.

3. You don’t want your jewelry to be scratched, threrfore we recomend to store it separately from sharp pieces or other jewelry you have.

We wish to your Flemy pieces to last as long as possible, and sure that with just enough care, your stainless steel jewelry will shine for a lifetime.

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