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Back to school jewelry

Adding accessories is a great way to express your personality even during autumn and school season. By adding new jewelry, playing with its styles and combinations you can create tons of unique looks and feel confident in every outfit.

1. Start with earrings

An essential piece for your look and a great way to draw attention to your face. You can play with different styles and metals, improvise and create new combinations with every outfit.

Select pieces that match your personality:

If you are loud and bright person who likes to be in the centre of attention, you can lean toward bigger statement earrings.

If you are more shy and introverted person, who doesn’t like to draw all attention, you can go for more minimalist earrings, that won’t make you feel uncomfortable in your outfit.

2. What with necklaces?

It is a great addition to your outfit for your back to school days. It is a perfect accessory to refresh your outfit and give it personality.

You can go for basic gold or silver necklaces, classy “snake necklace” in gold or "silver snake necklace" will fit and add glow to every outfit, without making it look overcrowded.

If you want to play with styles, pendant necklaces will be a great option. Minimalist chain with pendant will make even basic outfit more chic and will definitely be an eye catcher.

Don’t be afraid to play with layers. Make simple necklace as a basic layer and add pendant necklace for more creative and bright look.

However, in all fun and playing with styles, be careful on how much you spend on your jewelry, especially on pieces you wear to school or university. Things can be easily stolen, lost or accidentally broken. You definitely don’t want to lose your precious jewelry, so maybe better go with more affordable yet stylish pieces. Stainless steel jewelry is a great option. Read more about stainless steel jewelry here.

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