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Stainless steel jewelry for summer

Summer is a great time to show off your accessories, however you can never be too careful, especially when it comes to taking your jewelry out to the beach or public pool. Still, if you want to add extra glow to your look, you should definitely consider investing in stainless steel pieces.

stainless steel ,water resistant jewelry

Stainless steel is way cheaper than real gold jewelry with diamonds, yet durable and serves same outstanding and classy look.

You won’t have worries of taking your jewelry to water, or doing sport while wearing it. As stainless steel is resistive to water and heat, it makes it perfect jewelry for summer look.

However, summer is still season when we are putting our jewelry through real testing, with putting it under heat, wearing to water and putting on a lot of different creams and lotions to protect our skin from UV light.

Here are some care tips, that may come in handy especially during hot season.

  • If you have noticed some fading in colour from wearing pieces every day, it may need to be cleaned - simply wipe through with soft microfibre cloth ar the end of each day.

  • Avoid mixing oils, lotions or perfume on your skin while wearing jewelry. Put on your creams before wearing jewelry, and let it dry, this will help to avoid harm or corrode the metal.

  • Show some love to your jewelry and try to store it in dry cool place. Often leaving it out in moisture or humidity, might lead to harming the jewelry.

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